Keys to Success in Medical Micro Molding

It’s no secret that medical devices are getting smaller. Implants, tubing and drug delivery systems now often require injection molders capable of fabricating parts at a micro level. The smaller the part; the more complex the injection molding process since material behaves differently in smaller shot sizes. Forefront Medical Technology has experience with both standard and micro molded products. This white paper describes the product development and process complexities found in micro molding in greater detail, plus looks at how these capabilities were successfully applied in a recent micro molding project.


Replacing Metal Components with Precision Molded Plastic Parts

Metal parts have been traditionally used for endoscopes because machined metal parts ensure a tight seal at joints in the device. However, use of metal components is costly and drives a need for the product to be sterilized and reused in order to make cost it effective. Since endoscopy is an invasive procedure and the cleaning/sterilization process may not remove all body fluids or tissue contaminants,the reuse of endoscopes can pose a contamination risk to patients. A lower cost, single-­‐use precision molded plastics alternative mitigates the risk of patient contamination plus eliminates the need for a washing/autoclave sterilization process following each procedure.

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