Forefront Medical’s capabilities include injection molding, micro molding and blow molding of medical grade PVC and vinyl elastomers (with or without DEHP), Polypropylene (PP), Polycarbonate (PC) and Polysulfone. In addition, we utilize horizontal and vertical injection molding processes for Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) used for disposable and re-usable devices.

Our White Paper

Read our white paper: Keys to Success in Medical Micro Molding to learn more about our most state-of- the-art capabilities.

Horizontal Injection Molding

  • Tonnage: 7 to 220 tons
  • High speed electric injection molding
  • Multiple mold cavitation from 1 to 64 cavities
  • Cold and hot runner systems

Vertical Injection Molding

  • Tonnage : 10 to 75 tons
  • Micro molding PEEK and other specialty materials
  • Hybrid machines suitable for medical applications
  • Overmolding capacity
  • Metal insert molding capacity

Injection Blow Molding

  • Can process flexible and rigid plastics including medical PVC, PP and LDPE
  • Primary application is pharmaceutical bottles

Extrusion Blow Molding

  • Bekum HD 111 machines
  • Can process flexible medical PVC plastics
  • Primary application is medical invasive device components

Other Solutions

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