Your trusted expert in medical contract manufacturing

Scientific discoveries and innovations are changing the world.

The rapid pace at which knowledge and technologies continue to advance has made the specialist’s role all the more important – even more so in the world of healthcare.

Therefore, when it comes to manufacturing of medical devices, you need to trust the specialist, Forefront Medical.

Improved Value Proposition

At Forefront Medical, our customers and their patients come first. From concept to commercialization, Forefront Medical’s seamless project management platform will collaborate with its customers to produce superior life saving devices.

Offering industrial and product designs with a strong specialization in the electro-mechanical field, Forefront Medical has extended its range of services and support that adds value to its customers and their patients.

Forefront Medical’s continuous learning philosophy elevates its capabilities and provides innovative solutions for its customers to achieve their production goals.

Core Values

Forefront Medical Technology

Your integrated contract manufacturer for your medical device needs

  • Wholly-owned subsidiary of VicPlas International, a public-listed company on the Main Board of the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX)
  • Serving global medical companies since 2002
  • Headquartered in Singapore, with additional manufacturing facilities in Changzhou and Xiamen
  • FDA registered and TUV ISO 13485 accredited, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities
  • Customer-centric approach with a focus on understanding and delivering the most complex requirements
  • Specialists in producing a wide range of medical disposable, diagnostics, drug delivery products and electro-mechanical sub-components, including:
    • Laryngeal mask
    • Respiratory airways
    • Diagnostic devices
    • Drug delivery systems
    • Enteral feeding catheters
    • Infusion sets
    • Wire reinforced tubes
    • Optically clear components
    • Patient monitoring devices

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